Rawr mean i love you in dino

Diya Hanun | 12:16 AM | Monday, January 7, 2013 | 1 Awesome Comment's
I dont know what to post today lol..just writing an entry coz long time i didnt write any entry..
such busy days with a lot of asignments gonna kill me..
*sigh..tomorrow i have test yeay..and yet  i dont know why i am writing this entry in english :P

Just make it short, i found some cute words that is RAWR.whats that??
Pffttt.....ok i will tell u using the search of urban dictionary
RAWR Meaning:
A noise many people make to start conversations, tell someone that they're bored, and sometimes to say "I love you"

Example one:
Girl: Rawr!
Boy: Why do you always rawr at people?
Girl2: To start a conversation.

Example two:
Girl1: Rawr, I'm so bored!
Girl2: Rawr, So am I!

Example Three:
Girl: Rawr!
Girl2: That mean's I love you in Dinosaur!
Girl: But I don't love you! ^-^

So my conclusios is:
LOL :p

p/s: RAWR~

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