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Waaaahhh..lama dah tak buka blog....haahaa..
arrr...banyak diya nak taip..tapi tunggu lah satu cerita ni habis dulu..
huhuu..start sem 2 ni busy gila dengan assignment..!!
Hari tu lepas diya habis kelas diya singgah The Mines jap...
jalan2...nampak 1 makanan ni...macam BEST..
Diya beli lah..haha...nak tengok?

dia ada banyak jenis isi dalam takoyaki nie..hehe...nak taw rasa dia macam mana 
try beli lah ea ^_^

Learn simple arabic

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ok today i will like to share about some arabic words that i get from a website...but didnt remember 
what its link...so this is not mine..i just want to share :)

Let's Start. Yallllllaaa 

Yalllllllllllla -------- Let's ياللا some time we repeat to say YALLA YALLA.

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters.
In some Arab countries, additional letters have been introduced,
and some use numbers in place of letters or sounds.

Note: ak is used for male & ik for female
Also Note: 7 = h / '7 = kh / 3 = 'a / '3 = gh / 6 = t (Only on IRC DAL net) LoL :)

Yes = na'am / na3am
No = laa / la`
Tamam = O.K. / all Right تمام we say it if we like some thing. Or like to say perfect
Thank you = shokran
Thank you very much = shokran gazillan
Mumken = Possibly / Can I/ Please ممكن we use it if we request or need something.
My pleasure = walaw
Thank you to a male = tislam
Thank you to a female = tislamee
You're welcome = ahla o sahla
Assif = Sorry اسف.
Don't mention it (np) = mish moshkeleh
No problem = baseeta / mish moshkeleh
Please = min fadilak / argooki or min fadlik (female) or argook(male)
Excuse me = ann eznak / ann eznik
Nice to meet you = sorirt biro'aitak(ik female) / forsa sa3eedeh
Hey man! = 3ammoo (said to a man - who might be older)
Hello or Hiya = salam
Hello = ahalan, marhaba / salam / mar7aba / marhaba  
Hi = ahlain  (The Reply for mar7aba)
Hey you = walak
How are you? = keefak  (for a male)                     
How are you? = keefik?  (for a female)
Doing good = imnee7aa (slang-female) / imnee7 (male)
I am happy for you = ana sa3eedeh la2ajlak (said to male)
I am happy for you = ana sa3eedeh la2ajlik (said to female )
Great or all is good = tamam
Good = mnee7  (for a male or to express agreeance, ie: good!)
Good = mnee7a  (for a female)
Goodbye/Bye = ma'a elsalama / ma'assalama / salam (used also)
So long = wada'an
God bless you = allah ysalmak (ik ending for female)
God bless you = Teslam (male) Teslami (female)
Good morning = saba7 el '7air / sabah el khair
Good morning to you, too = sabah el noor (used as reply)
Good afternoon = masa'a alkair
Good evening = masa'a al '7air
Good night = tisba7 3ala '7air / tisbah 'ala khair
- (Reply to one saying this to you =  wintee min ahloo or wa enti men ahloh ("enta" if said to male)
Pinky dreams = ahlaam wardia
Good dreams = ahlaam sa3eedeh
Bye Bye = ma3a salama / ma3a al salama / salamah
I do not understand = ana laa afham / ma fhemit
How do you say this in Arabic? = Kaif Takool Thalik Bilarabia?
Hello, Peace upon you = al salamu 3alaykum
Hello, Peace upon you, too = wa 3alaykum al salam
How are you? = keef halak ? (ik ending for female)
How are u ? = kaifak inta (to a male)
And a half (an expression-reply) = wa noss
Congratulations! = mabrook !
So long; Until the next time = ilaa l-liqaa'
How is your study? = keef drastak?  (notice the "ak")
How is your work? = keef sho'3lak? or keef shoghlak? (if said to a female .. the ak would be ik)
How is your health? = keef sahtak?
I'm studying = ana badros
What time is your exam at today ? = iay sa3a el2mt7an elyoum ?
Did you do well on your exam ? = 3melet mneee7 elyoum bel2mte7an ?
What would you like to know? = shoo bedak te3ref (male)
What would you like to know? = shoo bedek te3rfee (Female)
What now? = shoo hala2
Next = = ba3ed
Later = ba3deen
What shall we do now? = sho bedna ne3mel hal2
Let's do something useful = yalla ne3mel eshi mofeed
Makes no difference = moo fargah or moo far2ah
Fantastic = rae'e3
Excellant = momtaz
Very good = jayed jedan
Good= jayed
Average = 3adee
Normal = 3adi
Not good = mo mnee7
Long time no see = zaman ma shofnak (slang male)
Long time no see = zaman ma shofnaki (slang female)
How old are you? = kam 3omrak?
I am this age = ana omri 20(or whatever your age)
Where are your from? = min wain enta? (male) (use "enti" for female)
I am from America = ana min amreeka or ana men amreca
Do you have a girlfriend? = msa7ib? (said to a male)
Do you have a boyfriend? = msa7ba? (said to a female)
My male partner/friend forever = sadeeky lel 'abad
My female partner/friend forever = sadeekati lel 'abad
What is your name? = shoo esmak? or maa ismak?
My name is .. = Ismi .. (add your name)
Man = zalameh / Girl = binit / woman = niswaan or marah
God with you = allah ma3ak (a pleasantry)
Thank God! = el7amdellah
Take Care = deer balak (if said to a female .. deeri balek)
Take Care of yourself = deer balak 3ala 7alak (ala halak could also be used) (deeri balik 3ala 7alek if said to female)
Reply- Take care of you too = deer balak inta 3ala 7alak or wa inta deer balak 3ala 7alak  (said to male)
So Nice = kteer 7ilo or kteer hiloo
Nicer = a7la
Hope that all is okay = inshallah kolshi tamam
I wish you the best = batmannalak el a7san (ik ending if said to female)
And I miss you = wo mishta2eetlak (ik ending if said to female)
Don't forget = la tinsaa (male) / la tinsee (female)   
Pretty, Cute, Good = ammoor (male) / ammoora (female)  
I love you = ba7ibbak / bahibbak (said to a male)
I understand = ana fahmeh
I don't get it = mish fahim
Understood! = mafhoom
What does that mean? = maa maa3naa haaza?
Where are you going? = ilaa ayna tazhab? / feen raye7 (male) raye7a (female)
Why not? = lima laa / leesh?
Because = heek
Who is there? = meen fee honak?
Leave them = sebhom
I am teasing/kidding = ana daya2tak (daya2tik if female)
What did you eat today? = shoo akalt el yoom? (alkalty if said to female)
What is the news? = shu fe akhbar
What is wrong? = shoo malak
None of your business = ma dakhalak / ma dakhalik (female)
What else? = sho kaman
What else do you know? = shoo bt3ref kaman ? (male)
What else do you know? = shoo bt3erfi kaman ? (female)
Will you do me a favor? = bitreed ta3mily ma3roof
Where are you? = wenak? (ik if asking female)
I am here = ana hoon
By the way (expression) = 3ala fekra
I swear you are great = wallahi ennak mnee7
You too are great = we inti kaman mnee7a (mnee7 if said to male)
Are you sure? = hal anta mutakkid? / akeed ?
I am sure = ana mutakkid / akeed
That's right = hada sa7
I know = ba3raf
I don't know = ma ba3raf
I want to ask... = bedde as2al
I want to ask you... = bedde as2alak (male)
I want to ask you... = bedde as2alik (female)
Is it possible = fee majaal ?
Enough = kefaya / khalas (ie: "enough said, or the end)
Enough teasing me = kefaya day`2ny
Handle it = et7ammal (et7ammali/et7ammalee if said to female)
Okay = mashi / tayeb
My heart can't stand this = albi ma bet7amal
That's too much on my heart = la haik akteer 3ala albi
I will be forever with you = ra7 adal ma3ak 3ala tool
I fell asleep last night thinking of ... = ana nemet mbare7 wa ana 3am faker
Give me kiss = hatee booseh
For you dear = laka azeezy (if female use, azeezaty)
My love = 7abeebe
My heart beloved = 7abibe albii inta (said to male)
My heart beloved = 7abibte albii intee (said to female)
You are the sweetest/one of the beautiful = inta ajmal wa7ad / inti ajmal wa7deh (female)
You have touched/took my heart = inta akhadet albi 
Kiss on the lips = bousa ala shafayef
You always make me smile = dayman betkhaleeeni mebtsmeh (dayman betkhaleeeni mebtesem male to male)
Your smile makes every trouble disappear = ebtsamtek daya3at kol elmashakel
This is fun = momte3
Talking with you is nice = elkalam ma3ek momte3 (elkalam ma3ik momte3 if said to female)
You are funny = inta mare7 (said to male)
You are funny = intee mare7ah (said to female)
You are too kind to me = anta lateeeef ma3i (male) ("anti" for female)
Kind to me = lateeef ma3i
I like your lips = ana bahib shafayfak (ik ending for female)
I have missed you = inshta2tellak (ik ending if said to female)
You are a dog = inta wa7ad kalb
I am tired = ana ta3baan / ana ta3baneh (female saying it)
Who the hell do you think you are? = meen imfaker 7alak? (male) / meen imfakra 7alik ? (female)
I am happy = ana mabsoutah
I am drunk = ana sakraneh
Do you drink?(alcohol) = enta bteshrab? / inte bteshrabi? (for female)
Drinking = bashrab 
Some = shwayet 
Wine = nabeeth
Really fine = jayed / mnee7
I am drinking really fine wine! = ana 3am beshrab shwayet nabeeth momtaz
I was drunk yesterday = kenet sakraneh mbare7 (sakran male)
I got thirsty = i3tishet 
By the way (expression) = 3ala fekra
I am blind = ana 3amyah (female) / Plural blind = 3omyan
I am bored = ana zah2aneh (female)
Woooooow (wow) !!!! = wal !!
DAMN ! = yel3an !
Yalla = Ok or Come on! (slang)
God knows .. = 3aleem allah ..
God Bless you = allah ieybaarik feeky (ieybaarak feek to a male)
I will go for a walk = ana rayha mishwar
Give it to me = a3teni eyah
I wish it was me (not you) = inshallah ana
Please take care all = deero balkom 3ala 7alkom
You are in my thoughts always = into dayman beafkary (said to many)
This is funny, keep smiling for me = hatha modhik ibkaa mobtasim lee
Damn I can't stop laughing! = al la'nna la astatee'oo an atawakkaf an al dohk ! 
Thats funny = HATHA modhik
So we can laugh = mshan ned7ak (ted7aki for female)
Why are you laughing ? = malik bted7aki ? (malak bted7ak male)
Smile! = ibtesamah / ibtasem (male) & ibtasemy (female)
A very nice smile you have = ebtisamtak 7elweh
The laughter = al dohkah
Good luck to you = bel tawfee2
God help you = allah be3een / allah y3eenak (male) y3eenik (for female)
I will kill you = ba2tolik ( ending in "ak" if said to male)
A little = shwayeh
Too much = kateer jiddan
Nothing else = laa shay aakhar
Nothing = laa shay
Much more = aktar bi-kateer
Quickly = besur3a
Too fast = saree3 jiddan
Forever = 3ala tool
I = ana
We = na7na / na7no / e7na (slang)
You (singular, familiar) = anta (male) / anti (female)
You (plural) = antom / anto
You = enti (female) /enta (for male)
They = hom (male) / hoonna (female)
What = shoo
From = min
For = lal
Who = meen
More = aktar
Sure = akeed
Not = mish
Stay = '7aleek
Stop or enough! = `7alas
Your orders = 7ader
Not fair = 7ram
Don't = ma
Once = marra (ie: Once I flew a plane!)
Wife = zawjeh
Husband = zawj
Daughter = Ibna
Son = Ibn
Mother = Om
Father = Ab
Friend = Sadik
My friend = sadikie
Married = mitzawwij (male) / mitzawjeh (female)
How much? = bekam? / addesh?
Beautiful = Jameel / helow
Nice = lateef
I don't speak Arabic = ana ma bahkee Arabee
I am sorry = ana aasif (male) / ana asfeh (female)
I swear !! = wallahi
God's willing = inshallah
This is bad! = 7aram (to express)
Exaggeration (slang) = la2allah! (ie: la2allah 7aram! = This is very bad)
I mean .. = ya3nee ..
I am traveling = ana msaafer (male) / ana msaafrah (female)
Where are you going? = raaye7 feen? (male) / raay7a feen? (female)
Going to ... = raay7a lal (place)
I reserved on a plane = hajazet ala el tayarah 
Will take off = la7 eteer el sa3a 8:00PM (whatever the time)
When will you come back? = haterga imtaa? or imtaa raje3?
Do you speak ...? = hal tatakalm... (language)

 Enta Habibi - You Are My Love
 Enta Hayati - You Are My Life
 Habib Alby - Love Of My Heart
Ya Amar - Like Moon Which Basically Means Beautiful
Ana Bahebak - I Love You
Ya Habibi Bahebak - My Love, I Love You
Enta Habib Alby W Hayaty Ya Habibi - You Are The Love Of My Heart And My Life,My Love
 Wahashtini - I Miss You

Ana mo3gab biky gedan.
انا معجب بيكي جدآ
I like you lots.



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hey,hallo and marhaban :)

I love you in many languages

How to express your love and affection in many different languages.
LanguageI love you
AfrikaansEk's lief vir jou / Ek het jou lief
AlbanianTë dua
AleutTxin Yaktakuq
AlsatianIch hàb dich gär / Ich hàb lieb fir dich
Amharicአፈቅርሻለሁ። (afekirishalehu) - f / አፈቅርሀለሁ። (afekirhalehu) - m
to a man - (ana baħibbak) ٲنَا بحِبَّك
to a woman - (ana baħibbik) ٲنَا بَحِبِّك
(Modern Standard)
(uḥibbuk) أحبك
(kanəbġīk) كنبغيك
(bəḥibbək) بحبك
Սիրում եմ քեզ: (Sirum em kez)
Կը սիրեմ քեզ: (Guh seerem kez)
AromanianTi voi
AvallaenSample text in Avallaen (vüväloiek dü quuo)
AzeriMən səni sevirəm
BambaraM'bi fe
BasqueMaite zaitut
BelarusianЯ цябе кахаю (Ja ciabe kakhaju)
Bengaliআমি আপনাকে ভালোবাসি (ami apnake bhalobashi) - frm
আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাস (ami tomake bhalobashi) - inf
আমি তোকে ভালোবাস (ami toke bhalobashi) - vinf
Bhojpuriहम तोसे प्यार करीला (ham tose pyār karila)
BicolNamumutan ta ka
BisayaNahigugma ako kanimo
BretonKarout a ran ac'hanout / Da garout a ran / Me az kar
Обичам те (Običam te)
Аз обичам те(б) (Az običam teb(e))
Аз те(б)(е) обичам (Az te(b)(e) običam)
Теб(е) обичам (Teb(e) običam)
Теб(е) аз обичам (Teb(e) az običam)
Обичам теб(е) (Običam teb(e))
Теб(е) любя (Teb(e) ljubja)
Любя те (Ljubja te)
Вас обичам (Vas običam)
Обичам Ви (običam vi)
Аз Ви обичам (Az vi običam)
Аз Вас обичам (Az vas običam)
Любя Ви (Ljubja vi)
CebuanoGihigugma ko ikaw
ChamorroHu guiaya hao
CherokeeᎬᎨᏳᎢ (Gvgeyu'i)
我愛你 [我爱你] (ngóh oi néih)
𠊎愛你 (ngai2 oi5 ngi2)
我愛你 [我爱你] (wǒ ài nǐ)
侬爱你 (nguh eh non)
我愛你 (gua2 ai3 li2)
ChuukeseAi tong ngonuk (frm) U pe reom (inf)
CimbrianIch liibe-dich
CornishMy a'th kar
CorsicanTi tengu caru
CroatianVolim te
CzechMiluji tě - between partners
Mám tě rád (jako kamaráda) - between friends
DanishJeg elsker dig
Dungan (Gansu dialect)Вә э ни (Veh ai ni)
Dungan (Shaanxi dialect)Ңə э ни (Ngeh ai ni)
DutchIk hou van je (inf)
Ik hou van jou / Ik hou van u (frm)
used only by lovers
EfikMmema fi
EsperantoMi amas vin
EstonianMa armastan sind
FaroeseEg elski teg
FijianAu domoni iko / Au lomani iko
FinnishRakastan sinua
FrisianIck heb di leev
Frisian (Saterfrisian)Iek hääb die ljoo
Frisian (West)Ik hâld fan dy
FilipinoMahal Kita / Iniibig Kita
FinnishMä rakastan sua (inf) Minä rakastan sinua (frm)
FrenchJe t'aime, Je t'adore
FriulianTi vuei ben
GalicianÁmote / Quérote
Georgianმიყვარხარ (me shen miqvarkhar)
GermanIch liebe dich
German (Bayerisch)I lieb di
German (Bernisch)Ig liebe di
German (Hessisch)Isch habb disch libb
German (Kölsch)Isch han dich leev
German (Pfäzisch)Isch liewe disch
German (Vorarlbergerisch)I liab di!
GreekΣ΄αγαπώ (S’agapó) - inf / Σας αγαπώ (Sas aghapó) - frm
Gujaratiહું તને પ્રેમ કરુ છું (hūṃ tane prem karū chūṃ)
Haitian CreoleMwen renmen w
HawaiianAloha Au Ia ʻOe / Aloha No Au Ia ʻOe
Hebrew(Ani Ohev Otach - to woman) אני אוהב אותך
(Ani Ohevet Otcha - to man) אני אוהבת אותך
HiligaynonPalangga ko ikaw / Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindiमैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता हुँ (maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatā hūṅ) m
मैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता चाहती हुँ (maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatī hūṅ) f
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हुँ (maiṅ tumse pyār kartā hūṅ) m
मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हुँ (maiṅ tumse pyār kartī hūṅ) f
IbanAku sayau nuan?
IcelandicÉg elska þig
IlocanoAyayatenka / Ipatpategka / Ikarkarayoka
IndonesianCinta kamu / Saya cinta kamu / Saya mencintaimu
Inuktitutᓇᒡᓕᒋᕙᒋᑦ Nagligivagit/Nalligivagit
IñupiaqNakuagigikpin / Nakuagikpakpin / Piqpavagin
Irish (Gaelic)Gráím thú (I love you)
Tugaim cion duit (I give you affection)
Tá cion agam ort (I have affection for you)
Tá mé ceanúil ort (I have affection for you)
Tá grá agam duit (I have love for you)
Táim i ngrá leat (I'm in love with you)
Tá mo chroí istigh ionat (My heart is within you)
Ádhraím thú (I adore you)
ItalianTi amo
Japanese好きです (suki desu)
好きだ (suki da)
好きだよ (suki dayo)
好きよ (suki yo) f
大好きです (daisuki desu)
愛してるよ (aishiteru yo)
愛してるわ (aishiteru wa) >f
JavaneseAku tresnasliramu
JèrriaisJ't'aime / J't'adouthe
KapampanganKaluguran daka
Kannadaನಾ ನಿನ್ನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಸ್ತೀನಿ (naa ninna preetisteeni)
KazakhМен сені сүйемін (Men seni süyemin)
Мен сені жақсы көремін (Men seni jaqsı köremin) - inf
Khmerបងស្រណញ់ឣូន (bong sralun on) - m>f
ឣូនស្រណញ់បង (on sralun bong) - f>m
KlamathMoo ?ams ni stinta
KlallamNəsƛ̕éʔ cxʷ
Korean사랑해 (sarang hae)
KurdishJi te hez dikîm
Ladino(Te amo) טי אמו
LatinTe amo
LatvianEs tevi mīlu
LithuanianAš tave myliu
Lojbanmi do prami
Low SaxonIk hou van di
LuxembourgishEch hunn dech gär / Ech si frou mat dir
MacedonianТе сакам (Te sakam), Те љубам (Te lyubam) - inf
Ве сакам (Ve sakam), Ве љубам (Ve lyubam) - frm
Maithiliहम अहाँ स प्रेम करेछी (hawm ahāṃ se prem karechi)
MalaySaya sayang kamu / Aku cintakan kau
Aku cinta padamu / Aku mencintaimu
Malayalamഞാന്‍ നിന്നെ പ്രേമിക്കുന്നു
(njan ninne premikkunnu)
MalteseInħobbok / Inħobbok hafna / Jien inħobbek
ManchuBi shimbe hairambi
ManxTa graih aym ort
MāoriKei te aroha au ki a koe
Marathiमाझ तुइयावर प्रेम आहे (Mājha tuiyāvar prem āhe)
MongolianБи чамд хайртай (Bi chamd khairtai)
MontagnaisTshemenuadeden (I love you)
Tsheshuenemeden (I love you a lot)
Nepaliम तपाइलाइ माया गर्छु। (ma tapainlai maya garchu)
Northern SothoKe a go rata
NorwegianJeg elsker deg (Bokmål) Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
(wannee unju kanasa ndi umutooibiin) - frm
Old EnglishIc lufie þe (West Saxon) Ic lufie þec (Northumbrian)
Old FrenchAim te
Old SpanishAmo te
PalauanA Kultoir er Kau
PangasinanInaru Taka
PapiamentoMi ta stimabo (frm) Mi stimabo (inf)
Pashtoزه ستا سره مينه کوم
(za la ta sara meena kawom)
Persian (Farsi)(asheghetam) عاشقتم
used in poetry and songs - (dūset dāram) دوست دارم
PolishKocham Cię
PortugueseAmo-te, Eu te amo, Eu gosto de você, Eu amo você
Eu adoro você (I adore you)
Eu tenho carinho por você (I have affection for you)
Punjabiਮੈਂ ਤੈਨੂੰ ਪਿਆਰ ਕਰਦਾ ਹਾਂ। / میں تینوں پیار کردا ہاں
(mẽ tenū̃ piār kardā hā̃)
RomanianTe iubesc
RomanshJeu carezel tei
Russianя тебя люблю (Ja teb'a l'ubl'u)
SamoanOu te alofa ia te oe
ScotsAh loove ye
Scottish GaelicTha gaol agam ort
SerbianВолим те (Volim te)
SesothoKe a o rata
SetswanaKe a go rata
Sinhalaමම ඔයාට ආදරෙයි (mama oyāṭa ādareyi)
SlovakĽúbim Ťa
SlovenianLjubim te (m/f) Rad te imam (m) Rada te imam (f)
SomaliWaan ku jecelahay
SoninkeNga m'afini
SpanishTe amo / Te quiero
SwedishJag älskar dig
Swiss GermanIch liib dich / I ha Di gärn
TagalogIniibig kita / Mahal Kita / Minamahal Kita
Iniirog kita (old fashioned)
TahitianUa here vau ia oe
Tamilநான் உன்னை காதலிக்கிறேன்
(nān unnai kādhalikkiren)
TatarMin sini yaratam/söyäm
Teluguనేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను !
(naenu ninnu praemisthunnānu!)
TetumHau hadomi O
Thaiผมรักคุณ (phom rak khun) - m
ฉันรักคุณ (chan rak khun) - f
(nga kayrâng-la gawpo yö)
Tigrinyaይፈትወካ`የ! (Yfetwekaye) m/sg
የፍቅረካ`የ! (Yefkrekaye) m/sg
ይፈትወኪ’የ! (Yfetwekiye) f/sg
የፍቅረኪ’የ! (Yefkrekiye) f/sg
Tok PisinMi lavim yu
Tongan'Oku ou 'ofa 'ia koe
TsezДаьр ми йетих (Där mi yetix) >f
Даьр ми этих (Där mi etix) >m
TshivenḓaNdi a ni funa
TswanaKe a go rata
TurkishSeni seviyorum
UkrainianЯ тебе кохаю (Ja tebe kochaju)
Я тебе люблю (Ja tebe liubliu)
Urduمیں آپ سے محبت کَرتا ہوں
m (mein ap say muhabat karta hoon)
میں آپ سے محبت کرتی ہوں
f (mein ap say muhabat karti hoon)
UzbekMen seni sevaman
VenetianTe vògio ben
VietnameseEm yêu anh (>m) Anh yêu em (>f)
VolapükLäfob oli
Võro(Ma) armasta sinno
WalloonDji t'veû vol'tî
WelshDw i'n dy garu di / Rwy'n dy garu di
WolofBegg naa la (general)
Sopp naa la (I admire you - when courting)
Nopp naa la (between partners)
XhosaNdiya kuthanda
XitsongaNdza ku rhandza
YapeseGu ba'adag em
Yiddish(Ikh hob dikh lieb) איך האָב דיך ליב
(Ikh libe dikh) איך ליבע דיך
YorùbáMo nifẹẹ rẹ
Yucatec MayaIn k'áatech
ZazakiEz to has kenan